Timber Veneers

At Timberwood Panels, Timber Veneers are our specialty. We have first class, best available colour, grain, texture uniformity throughout our comprehensive range of species. We source species both locally and internationally to ensure we have the unique natural beauty of real timber. Whatever the choice for your project, Commercial or Domestic, from Stylish Corporate Boardrooms, unique furniture, or warm and inviting Partitions, Timberwood Panels Timber Veneers provide the inspiration to create the perfect solution to your interior and is only limited by your imagination. Being a natural product it’s important to note that the same timber species can vary greatly in colour and pattern, therefore we invite you to contact us for a batch control sample.


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Wire Brush Service

Timberwood Panels are giving Timber Veneerboard a new look. Ideal for feature doors and panels in commercial and domestic bathrooms, kitchens, furniture and joinery, our Timber Veneer Wire Brush Service can be applied to most of our Timber Veneers.

Using a revolutionary sander allows Timberwood Panels to apply a wire brush finish giving a more defined grain to the board. This process favours crown cut veneers but the final look will vary from species to species creating an original and unique look for your feature.

The Minimum size for this service is 0305x0120x3.6mm with Maximum size being 3660x1250x50mm.

Press Information for Timber Veneers (Hot Press)

All pressing substrates must be flat and have a solid core. Raw materials such as medium density fibreboard (MDF) or particleboard are ideal for pressing as they have been engineered to withstand the pressure and heat of a hot press along.

Please find below our Minimum and Maximum requirements when it comes to Hot Pressing:

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For Cold Pressing and PUR Line Pressing information please click here.

Pressing Guidelines

Hot Pressing
Press Length
Press Width
Press Thickness

Note: untrimmed & unsanded, see trimming & sanding guidelines below.

Pressing veneer onto foreign substrates is possible, however the following guidelines need to be followed:

  • Substrate cannot be pre-finished or have any kind of coating on the pressing surface
  • All substrates should be supplied oversized, various elements of the pressing cycle can impact the overall size of the board/substrate; infeed, outfeed, handling, etc
  • Substrates must be free of any machining; holes, rebates, grooves, etc. Any voids in the substrate can compromise the bond between veneer and substrate
  • Substrates must be free of any metal objects i.e. hardware, screws, nails, etc
  • To prevent bowing and equal thicknesses, veneer should be pressed on the opposite side (back) of the face

As an example, please see below guidelines for pressing onto a door:

  1. Ensure the door is solid core, without any internal voids
  2. Do not drill/rebate any hardware, holes and voids in the surface as this will compromise the veneer bond
  3. Consider the press limitations when choosing a door size
  4. To prevent damage please supply the door oversized as the door can be re-cut, once veneer has been applied
  5. Mark the door clearly as to which faces are to have veneer
  6. Refer to Trimming and Sanding guidelines below

Trimming Guidelines

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Board Trimming
Trim Length
Trim Width
Trim Thickness
(weight dependant)

Sanding Guidelines

Board Sanding
Sanding Length
Sanding Width
Sanding Thickness
(weight dependant)

Important Notes:

  1. Crossbands can be trimmed and sanded
  2. Sheets cannot be sanded without being trimmed
  3. Sanders cannot calibrate boards/sheets
  4. Sanding of custom veneer presses (doors) is subject to inspection
  5. Sheets over 1350mm in width can be pressed but will be supplied untrimmed and unsanded, due to above limitations.
For more information you can download a document below
Custom Pressing Data Sheet
Timberwood Panels
Cutting Terminology
Timberwood Panels
Veneer - Care for Timber Veneer Bulletin
Timber Veneer Association
Veneer - Timber Veneer Finishes Guide
Timber Veneer Association
Veneer - Timber Veneer MSDS
Timber Veneer Association
Veneer – How to specify Timber Veneers
Timber Veneer Association

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