Master Oak


Master Oak combines the unique look and feel of original oak with the unbeatable qualities of a HPL: more scratch resistant, colourfast and easy to keep clean.

Master Oak’s matt finish delivers a luxurious appearance and has a unique pattern just like original oak. The natural appearance of Master Oak is enhanced by the different types of pores and depth variations throughout the panel.

Ideal for Kitchen and bathroom cabinetry (vertical surfaces). Residential, commercial, office, retail and hospitality fitouts. Wall linings.

  • Scratch-resistant: three times more scratch resistant than Oak veneer.
  • Colourfast: a timeless look and colours that stay beautiful.
  • Stain-resistant: easy to clean and maintain

Matching ABS edging is available in both long and end grain to replicate the look of solid oak timber.


  • The surface of Master Oak must never be treated with products containing abrasive substances, abrasive sponges, sandpaper or steel wool.
  • Products with very high acid or alkaline content should be avoided as they can stain the surface.
  • Avoid furniture polishes and wax based cleaners as they form a sticky layer to which dirt adheres.

Available in 6 Different Colours

Master Oak Brown


Master Oak Double Fumed

Double Fumed

Master Oak Elegant Black

Elegant Black

Master Oak Everest White

Everest White

Master Oak Light

Light - Natural

Master Oak Natural



For more information you can download a document below
Master Oak Data Sheet
Master Oak Colour Range

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