Timberwood Panels offer a variety of options when it comes to Laminate and Architectural Board (Pressed Laminate on Board). From the inexpensive Liner Laminate to a thicker 1mm Metallic Laminate in either Brushed Aluminium or Stainless Steel, the choice is yours. 

Colour Thickness Liner Laminate Liner Laminate Laminate Board Board Board
          17mm HMR + LINER 18mm MR MDF G2S 18mm MR MDF G2S
White Matt 0.6mm 2440x1220 3050x1220 - - - -
  1.2mm 2440x1220 3050x1220 - - - -
Black Matt 0.6mm 2440x1220 3050x1220 - - - -
  1.2mm 2440x1220 3050x1220 - - - -
Cab Fab White Gloss 1.2mm - - 3660x1220 - 2400x1200 3000x1200
Stark White Gloss 1.2mm     3660x1220   2400x1200 3000x1200
Brushed Aluminium 1mm - - 3660x1220 3600x1200 - -
Brushed Stainless Steel 1mm - - 3660x1220 3600x1200 - -



CleanTouch Laminate is a soft surface laminate with minimal light reflection which is suited to both horizontal and vertical applications.

Resistant to abraisons, dry heat, light scratches, and scuffs, making it perfect for those high traffic areas, and those grubby fingerprints.

Ideal for Bathrooms, Kitchens, Joinery, Hospitals, both Commercial and Domestic.

• Anti-fingerprint
• Semi Anti-Bacterial
• Thermal Self-Healing
• Anti-Static
• Easy to Clean
• Mould Resistant
• Water Repellent

Available as 0.8mm Laminate, or pressed on Moisture Resistant Medium Density Fiberboard with a matching edgestrip, the choice is yours. 

 CleanTouch Colours Small



Another Laminate option is our Solid Compact Laminates, which are an innvoative and durable 13mm thick decorative panel made from thermosetting resins, homogeneously reinforced with cellulose fibres and manufactured under high pressure and temperature.

As a result, the panels are strong, self-supporting, moisture resistant and durable.

Boasting a distinctive black core providing strength and visibly appealing features, Timberwood Panels Solid Compact Laminate is ideal for Benchtops, Joinery, Partitions and Alfresco Areas. 

The Panels are are available in White 2400x1200 or Black 2400x1200 & 3050x1220




ZERO® PST (progressive surface technology) is the world’s most technologically advanced surfacing material. Designed and manufactured in Italy, these high pressure laminate sheets combine sophisticated aesthetics with cutting-edge performance, suitable for both horizontal and vertical application.

They boast a vast array of impressive attributes, from fingerprint proof to high UV resistance. Furthermore, these high pressure laminates are also repairable when it comes to micro scratches through nanotechnology and thermal heating.

  • High pressure laminate board on 18mm M.R M.D.F

  • 3000 x 1200

  • High pressure laminate by itself – 3000 x 1300 x .9




Charcoal Grey

Black Bean

Fawn Stone

Black Japan

Super White

Brazilian Nod

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